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Social Media Networking Tips: MAKING HISTORY

Posted by Kerri Garbis on May 15, 2012

Some social media networking tips to bear in mind while Facebook makes history!

social media networking tips

In just a few days Facebook goes public!  For around $38 dollars a share, you can own a piece of history. *   I will not be purchasing shares of Facebook, but I am a big fan of Facebook (or, as I like to call it, “my locker”!).

The Facebook wall (oh, I guess we call it a timeline now) is just like my middle school locker.  I had a note pad clipped to the outside of my locker so people could write notes to me.  Similarly, on the door of my freshman year dorm room, I had a dry erase board.  I see my Facebook timeline the same way.  People can stop by, write notes, leave pictures, and I can choose to leave them on my locker for as a long as I wish.

Just like my middle school locker/freshman year dorm room door, there is etiquette for timeline posting:

~ Take Control: You have the power to control and approve any posts or tags on Facebook so take it! Avoid that awkward premature announcement of your new job, pregnancy, or life change.

~ Avoid Cross-Pollination:  There are many great resources to simultaneously blast to all social media outlets: Hootsuite, Posterous, CoTweet are great, but remember your audience. Exclusive Facebook users often don’t “get” the hashtags of Twitter.

~ Question Carefully: Facebook is often used to announce the passing of a loved one, or to ask for prayers for a sick family member.  Tempting as it may be, someone’s timeline is NOT the place to ask, “What happened?” or “What do they have?” Those are questions to be asked in person, on the phone, or at the very least, via private message.

~ Build Those Relationships: Facebook has allowed us a new opportunity to connect with people from our past, as well as those we may have briefly met but would like to know better.  Take time to offer apologies to those you feel you have wronged, or remind someone of a really good memory you have of them. Ultimately, that is best kind of history to make.

*The last time I intentionally tried to become a part of history, I was standing on a residential street in Baltimore, Maryland holding hands with my best friend and 6.5 million strangers to fight hunger and homelessness.  Yes, I was proudly part of Hands Across America.


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