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Relationship Building Activities: The Chides of March

Posted by Kerri Garbis on March 15, 2012

Avoid negative speak with some of these relationship building activities.

Last week I went to step class at my gym.  It was just a few minutes before the class was to start. There were five of us there, quietly stretching, in a room that can hold up to 25 “steppers”.  The instructor walked in and said “Hey - where is everybody?”

Where is everybody?  Everybody is right here, lady. relationship building activities 3 resized 600

Although we were only five people, we were there and excited to get to work.  Being greeted with “Where is everybody” immediately alienated this instructor from her audience.  It said to us “Just having the five of you here isn’t good enough for me.”

This made me think about how often we do this to our audiences in business. Your audience could be a large speaking engagement, a weekly team meeting, or even a one-on-one.  How often to we unintentionally chide our audience or use negative speak?

Nothing will alienate your audience more quickly than making them feel like they are not good enough or welcomed. Here is a list of what not to do. Even though these “don’ts” are taken from the musician’s world, every single one of them is applicable in business. How To Alienate Your Audience In 10 Easy Steps

And here are some easy, positive ways to ingratiate yourself to your audience:


“Nice to see you!”

“Happy to have you."

“Thank you for being here.”


If you want to wait a few minutes for a few more attendees...........

 Tell a story

Ask your audience questions


Talk about something that’s happening in the world today: “Did you know it’s National Potato Chip Day and the Ides of March?”

Everyone wants to be welcomed and appreciated.  No matter the situation you always want to make the choice to build rapport with your audience.  Even if it is just five women in sweatpants waiting for a work-out.

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