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Professional Communication Skills: Rage Against the (Office) Machine

Posted by Bridget Beirne on May 3, 2013

Applaud your own professional communication skills.

You made it through another week! It may have been long and arduous, but here you are, looking towards the weekend and taking a moment with the OC Blog. For that, we thank you! But we'd also like to commend you.

You see, you made it through this week like a champ. We talk about relationship building activities and the best use of our professional communication skills all of the time- how communicating our message to those around us in the best manner possible is a win for all involved, for you as well as the others in your business relationships. So, how do we know you owned this week like a boss? No matter what the week threw at you, or how much youprofessional communication skills 3 wanted to scream and throw things, you didn't do any of the things seen below. (At least, we think you didn't- you DIDN'T, right?) 

Give yourself a little pat on the back and take a moment to enjoy these clips of epic office meltdowns, some fictional, and some not (yikes!). You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll applaud your own relationship building skills. Well done. 

(BTW, these are all the suitable for work versions- just don't enrage your coworkers by playing them too loudly...)

1. The printer! Why is it always the printer!?



2.  Umm, I think this is yours...



3.  Another reason to watch the volume on your calls:



4. From The Office, Andy does not like that wall.



5. And the classic moment from Office Space. (Edited for content, but you can enjoy it now!)




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