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Relationship Building Activities: National Donut Day!

Posted by Bridget Beirne on June 7, 2013

First, National Business Etiquette Week than Donut Day? This week is chock-full of relationship building activities!


Could this week be any better? National Business Etiquette Week ends with National Donut Day! Now, for foodies like us at Team Ovation, it does NOT get any better than this. We know you all succeeded on The Challenge with flying colors, and we definitely think you've earned one of Homer Simpson's favorite things.



So in honor of National Donut Day, and in celebration of all of the great things done for National Etiquette week, here are a few things donut:


1. Ancient Donuts: Apparently donuts have been around a long time, their invention being most often attributed to early Dutch settlers in the Americas. There are also theories about ring shape donuts being invented for long ship voyages in the mid 1800s, as well as some talk of fossilized, prehistoric donuts- WHAT?! 


2. Yep, that's a donut: Donut variations exist all over the world, with or without holes or filling, and often not in perfect circular shapes. A good example of this is the Italian favorite, Zeppole, often found at carnivals. (Hey, it's still fried dough!)


3. Where America started running on Dunkin': The original Dunkin' Donuts was in Qunicy,Relationship building activities 3 MA. The company headquarters is still in Massachusetts, now located in Canton. (Not too far from Ovation Headquarters!) Dunkin’ is a New England fave. (Although way up in Maine you can find the Canadian favorite, Tim Horton’s!)


4. Consideration, Respect, Honesty- and Donuts?!: You know we think Workplace Etiquette is a big deal. Finally, someone has written some guidelines for Workplace Donut Etiquette! Seriously, read this article. You'll get a good laugh and some great pointers. Our favorite tidbit?

"#4 - Cutting a small portion out of a whole donut: You people know who you are. That donut is now officially dead to me. If you only want a bite of a donut, offer to share with someone, or better yet, go out and purchase one donut hole instead. Don't sacrifice that donut's life for your momentary bite of donut bliss."

Thanks Tim at!


5. Your donut hook-up: Last but not least, the good people at Time Magazine have put together a list of where you can snag a free donut today at places like Krispy Kreme and Winn Dixie. Thank goodness! (And Time!) So on your way home, maybe a bit earlier as you take advantage of summer hours and head towards a glorious weekend, go celebrate National Donut Day, and your brilliant efforts for National Business Etiquette Week. Could anything sound better than that? 


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