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Posted by Bridget Beirne on September 23, 2013

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presentation skills trainingPresentation Skills Training: The "TTT" Rule

Using the "TTT" Rule helps to enhance your performance by keeping things clear, focused, and on track. This nifty infographic lays out the steps of "TTT" for your next presentation!





presentation skills trainingPresentation Skills Training: Pirate Talk and Pitch Variation


 While we may forgo the parrots and puffy shirts, we can take advantage of the vocal discoveries Pirate Talk (and other adventures in creative mimicry) can develop when preparing for a presentation.




professional communication skillsProfessional Communication Skills: The (Ugh!) Fall Cold


When your job deals with communicating (and let's face it, who's doesn't?) there is a seemingly harmless event that can derail your best laid plans faster than you can say "change of seasons"- the Fall cold.





relationship building activitiesRelationship Building Activities: It Might Be Time to Do Something...       

With the Season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead only a few weeks away, and in light of the announcement of a possible Walking Dead spinoff (!), we offer you today's meme. 





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