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Team Ovation Traditions: 6 Things We Love About "Conduct Us"!

Posted by Bridget Beirne on September 26, 2013

Improv Everywhere had become one of our favorite new Team Ovation Traditions!


We really enjoy Improv Everywhere and their "missions" that make magic happen with ordinary people in their day-to-day lives. We shared their social media production number flash mob with you before, and we're glad to share their "Conduct Us!" mission with you today.

Even in a business relationship, a huge part of relationship building is based on fearlessness,
spontaneity, and fun. And sometimes, you need a little help jump-starting those relationship building activities. If you haven't already, watch "Conduct Us!" below, and try not to be inspired. (We dare you!) We'll share some of our random favorite things with you afterwards:



Some random things that we loved:

1. "A" for terminology!: In the article about the video, they correctly identify the conductor's "stand" as a podium. This gets extra points from us, as podiums and lecterns are often confused. Podiums are those small platforms that you stand on- think the root "pod", in reference to feet (like "podiatrist"). Ok, this is not about the video, but it STILL made us happy.


2. The first guy in the video to step up who asks "like this?": It's clear that he's a bitteam ovation traditions apprehensive, but he does it anyway. The smile on his face that grows as time goes on speaks volumes.


3. The face on the little girl who conducts: She is taking it so seriously, which is great! We often talk about the energy and enthusiasm of children. What is often overlooked is their ability to commit 100%. A great example of focus.


4. The woman who calls out the violinist: And his willingness to go along with it. In what is already an interactive experience, the woman conducting takes it a step further by doing something unexpected. As a result, she started a new "discussion" with the group as a whole, and got some laughs in the process.


5. The guy who pulls a fast one and hides the baton: Spontaneity and humor, proving once again that shaking up expectations is a great way to connect.


6. The last conductor who gestures wildly!: The woman in the blue zip-jacket is fully and fearlessly engaged with what she is doing. Whether presenting or relationship building, don't do anything half-way! 


Many, many thanks to Improv Everywhere- please keep up the good work!


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