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Team Ovation Traditions: 2013 Fall Food Faves

Posted by Bridget Beirne on October 15, 2013

Our yearly Fall food list is one of our favorite Team Ovation Traditions!


It's been a while since we've talked about one of our favorite subjects- food! (Trust us, for Team Ovation, 15 minutes is a "while" when it comes to food talk...) This time last year, we talked about some of our favorite Autumn eats, and it's that time again! What's new and exciting in the world of Fall foods? Here's a few things that we're loving right now:


1) Pumpkin fest '13: Where there once was apple, there is now pumpkin. Pumpkin loversTeam ovation traditions 4 have united to such a degree that it's not just pumpkin pie and spice lattes anymore- if you can add pumpkin to it, it's happening. Need some convincing? If the Trader Joe's "What's New" page doesn't back up the pumpkin hysteria, nothing will. (Come on, pumpkin body butter and pumpkin croissants!)


2) We still heart bacon: We don't care if people are tiring of the trend- we're still into serving up the bacon in lots of ways. Why not bring bacon to your Halloween party with chocolate covered bacon? Yes, we said it- Chocolate. Covered. Bacon. The only scary thing about it is its scary goodness. Find a great recipe here.


3) Apples with a twist: When we think Fall, we often think apples- apple picking leads to apple pie, apple cobbler, apple crisp (apple overload!). Can't seem to drag yourself to the orchard this year? Why not enjoy an adult apple beverage with some of your favorite adults? Warwick Valley Winery located in Warwick, NY has some great hard ciders and apple brandies. Don't worry if you're far from NY State- you can still order some online.


4) Bold cheeses: Take those knock-your-socks-off cheeses out of hiding! It's time to bundle up in a sweater, set them up near a crackling fire, and enjoy. You can balance bold or spicy flavors with anything from apple sides to a lovely wine. Here are some great cheese suggestions- the Rogue River Blue sounds amazing!


5) Bowl of Fall perfection: Not only can you set this one up in your crock-pot, put you can combine sweet potatoes (an Autumn star!) with beef and veggies for a fantastic one-pot meal. OC President Kerri Garbis gives it her seal of approval, so we KNOW it must be good. Find the recipe here and give it a try!


What are you loving this Fall? Let us know in the comments below!



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