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Professional Communication Skills: 4 Quick Articulation Tips

Posted by Bridget Beirne on October 17, 2013

Lazy speech can derail even your best professional communication skills.


Improving your communication skills and professional presence is hard work. It's an on-going job that can't exist in a vaccum. There are certain skills that, if only taken out and polished off when you're giving a presentation or leading a conference call, won't get enough exercise to improve over time. 

Lazy speech and poor articulation are especially tricky. The more tired, stressed, or inattentive we may be feeling, the more our articulation can go down the tubes. And when we stop working towards better articulation, we lose clarity. When we lose clarity, our message loses its impact. Then, why are we speaking at all?

It happens to Team Ovationites as well. Luckily, we try to police ourselves (and each other!) to keep our articulation on track. Below, there are some quick tips to think about during your every day speech. The more you make a concentrate effort to make small changes like these, the more you'll notice greater benefits over time!


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