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Professional Communication Skills: Ira Glass on Storytelling Pitfalls

Posted by Bridget Beirne on October 24, 2013

Ira Glass's take on two storytelling pitfalls to avoid in your professional communication skills!


We've shared some other clips of the fantastic Ira Glass discussing storytelling before. But in this (very brief!) clip, Ira gives some words of wisdom when it comes to easy-to- make errors- speak like yourself and be a giving storyteller. 

 While Ira focuses on storytelling for television in this particular part, it is no stretch to seeprofessional communication skills how this advice fits into your story efforts overall. While you watch, try and answer these questions for yourself:

1. What is my "vocal identity"? Do I know how I sound?

2. Do I put on a "presenter voice"? (Meaning one that bears no resemblance to your regular speaking voice.) While it is of the utmost importance to work on improving vocal issues like articulation, volume, and pitch, those improvements should always be rooted in YOUR VOICE.

3. Do I paint a broader picture in my personal stories by including other people? Or are my stories only "all about me"? (Listen to Ira discuss how being a giving storyteller (bringing others into your story) makes for more interesting content.)

4. Am I sharing how the world of my story looks through my eyes?




 Many thanks again to Ira Glass and PRI!

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