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Team Ovation Traditions: 7 Instant (Work-Friendly!) Costumes

Posted by Bridget Beirne on October 30, 2013

Halloween costumes- a favorite Team Ovation Tradition!

Was your head so buried in work that you forgot your office was celebrating Halloween? Did you show up at what you thought was just party to find everyone in costume? Don't worry, you can save yourself from epic failure. 

Take it from us- we know costumes! And it's never too late to join the party with some ofteam ovation traditions these ideas:


1. Muss up your hair, or slick it back with some water. Slap on a pair of sunglasses and go as "Future You".

2. Got a trench coat? Grab a cheap-ee ringed notepad and a pencil and you're a 1950s film noir
gumshoe. Extra points if you can track down your office mate with the great fedora and borrow that.

3. String some paper clips together. Load your jacket (or shirt) pocket with pens, highlighters, markers, etc. Stick some Post-Its all over. You're the supply closet. (Of course, be sure and use your own supplies!)

4. Print and cut out a red, white, and blue button (here's a good one!). Write the word "Bill" on it, and stick it to your chest. Now you're a beloved Saturday morning cartoon character:





5. The same idea as #3, but with food. Pick up some of those mini bags of snacks. Tape them to your shirt. Print out a piece of paper that lists the currency your machine accepts, and afix it to your pocket. ($1, $5, $10) Bam- you're the vending machine.

6. Use your non-costumeness. You're really a secret agent posing as the co-worker they all know and love.

7. Take a look at the outfit you're wearing- what TV character would wear the same? A snappy suit, lovely dress, or smart button down could instantly make you Don Draper, Lorelai Gilmore, or Carrie Mathison. Hey, it's all in the story you tell people!  


Grab a mini Hershey's bar and enjoy. Happy Halloween from Team Ovation!




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