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Team Ovation Traditions: We Resolve for 2014...

Posted by Bridget Beirne on December 23, 2013

Sharing our resolutions is one of our favorite Team Ovation Traditions!

Kerri Garbis"I want to read. Actually read. An actual book. I read all day long- emails, contracts, proposals, articles on training- but I can't remember the last time I actually just read for pleasure. How sad is that! My wish is that I find more time to read, whether an actual book or on an e-reader. I love a real book, but I'm in the process of debating whether or not an e-reader might increase my chances of fulfilling my wish with all of the traveling that I do. Here's hoping that, either way, I'll up my reading time in 2014!"

-Kerri Garbis, President 


Leah Darby"To "de-Tetris" my that it functions happily, instead of clogging up my apartment! And to live openly, bravely, fully...with joy.

-Leah Darby, Training Consultant




Elizabeth Levey"For me it would definitely be "no screens in bed".  No TV, no phone, no tablet etc. I don't know about you, but there are times when I'm working on my laptop with my smart phone in the other hand, while having the TV on in the background!  Tech is wonderful, but countless studies have shown that in order to truly "unplug" for a good night's sleep, we need to step away from the screens for at least an hour before we say goodnight.  With an infant who has just started sleeping through the night, I need to stop self-sabotaging by checking Twitter or replying to one last email before I turn off my bedside lamp.  I've got a lot of sleep to catch up on!"

-Elizabeth Levey, Training Consultant 


Dawn Stanyon"Meditate for 1-minute every morning before I run (I believe in starting small). Get together with friends more often (empty nest = time for fun!). Laugh whenever possible (at self and others). Organize my closet by December 31, 2014 (and I define the term “organize” loosely).

Be flexible with aforementioned resolutions." 

-Dawn Stanyon, Business Development


Tom Frey"This year I want to begin regathering some of the works that have spoken to me throughout my life, a novel or three, a bunch of poems, symphonies or concerti, a Mingus or Miles or Evans album (or ten) and re-read, re-experience, re-work, or re-have them.  Then: question my assumptions about them." 

-Tom Frey, Training Consultant


Bridget Beirne"Every year, I resolve to learn to say "no". I struggle with it mightily, and occasionally find myself frustrated by something to which I've agreed. I keep trying, and each year it gets a bit better, but it's still hard. This year, I'm changing it to "learn to say 'no', or make peace with my choices". So, I said yes- why gripe about it?! It's time to put on those positive pants, get through, and learn something on the other side. That way, the next time the situation arises, I will be able to make more informed choices.

My other recurring resolution is to stop apologizing! I've talked about that issue on the OC Blog before, and I intend to continue to work towards a less-sorry-me. And I can't forget to worry less, enjoy more- as the movie says, "It's a Wonderful Life"!

I also resolve to try NOT to be intimidated by the fact that Dawn is running and meditating every morning while I'm slogging through my coffee... Happy Holidays, all!"

-Bridget Beirne, Marketing Specialist/Training Consultant


Need some business etiquette training from George Bailey? Who doesn't! You can find it here.

From all of us at Team Ovation, a very Happy, Healthy, Joy-filled, Over-Eating Holiday Season to you! See you in 2014~



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