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Communication Skills: Why You Need Improv [Entrepreneur's Video]

Posted by Bridget Beirne on February 5, 2014

Entrepreneur Magazine's video points out some very real world ways that an improv class can boost your professional communication skills.

Improv is not just for Tina Fey any Amy Poehler anymore.

You can imagine how excited we were when we found this sentence in an article on Entrepreneur:

"At a recent roundtable, we made a startling discovery: several founders from our Top 30 Startups to Watch had acting backgrounds or even studied improvisation. "

Fantastic! Sure, we may be biased thanks to our own acting and improv backgrounds. But this idea isn't just exciting for those who have been on stage or film. Acting and improvisation skills are beneficial to everyone's business communication. But don't just take our word for it. Watch the video, and join us for 5 quick thoughts afterwards:



5 Quick Thoughts:

1. Take a class! Really. Use Walter Driver of Scopely as an example- he brings improv classesprofessional communication skills to his employees! If you're not close enough to a group like Second City or Upright Citizen's Brigade, check out the schedule of classes at your local community college. Or why not speak to your HR department about bringing Improv for Business classes to your office?


2. Relationship Building is improv. Kim Kaupe of ZinePak gets it right when she talks about how acting and improv allow you to be more open when meeting someone face-to-face. Improv requires you to create situations based on what another person is telling you. And what is relationship building if not that?


3. Improv helps ensure authenticity. Adam Braun of Pencils of Promise discusses this idea. You can't script your life. Improv training helps you get comfortable with impromptu discussions, while letting your personal stamp shine through. The more comfortable you are in an "off the cuff" improvisational setting, the more you can simply be yourself and be present rather than panicking about what to say next.


4. Improv builds your comedic abilities! Come on- who's funnier than Tina and Amy? We talk a lot about using humor when you present as well as in your day-to-day communication. While we're not telling you to whip out the "yuk yuk" punchlines, we do encourage you to be able to laugh, find the humor in a situation, and put your listener at ease by allowing them to chuckle along with you. Nothing will make you more comfortable with comedy, help you find your particular brand of "funny", or force you to stop taking yourself so seriously as improv class.


5. Q&A is improv. We've got a great process to help you handle your Q&A sessions like a pro, and Improv experience would help you truly be a master! Couple our process for putting together a dynamite response with an ability to confidently and calmly speak off script and you've got the key to Q&A success!


Our thanks to Entrepreneur Magazine and all of the round table participants for the great video!



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