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Insights on Communication Skills and Relationship Building

In Previews: Week of February 10, 2014 | New on the OC Blog

Posted by Bridget Beirne on February 10, 2014

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professional skillsProfessional Skills: 5 Traits of Awesomely Active Listeners 

When you become a better active listener, you improve your relationship building activities and professional communication skills overall. In today's SlideShare, we take you through 5 traits exhibited by first rate listeners that you can make your own.







relationship building skills7 Signs You Might Want to Examine Your Relationship Building Skills

How do you know your business etiquette and relationship building skills need some work? Here are some signs that you might want to take a look at what you're doing.









Communication SkillsCommunication Skills: Why You Need Improv [Entrepreneur's Video]

Sure, we may be biased thanks to our own acting and improv backgrounds. But this idea isn't just exciting for those who have been on stage or film. Acting and improvisation skills are beneficial to everyone's business communication. But don't just take our word for it.





Stage Fright PresentationWhy We Adore Joe Kowan's Presentation on Stage Fright at TED

It's no surprise that when I stumbled on Joe Kowan's TED Talk entitled "How I Beat Stage Fright", I was intrigued by the subject matter. When I watched it, I was completely inspired and uplifted. What I saw was not only a charming, funny, well-done presentation, but confirmation once again that those awful feelings- awful, awful feelings- of stage fright can be embraced and used for the good.




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