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Watch Bill Nye Kill It with a Storytelling Speech [ShirleyFilms Video]

Posted by Bridget Beirne on March 7, 2014

Think your content is not conducive to business storytelling? Bill Nye will make you think again.

The Storytelling of Science (from the Origins conference at ASU) is the perfect example of how technical content benefits from humor and a great story. Packed with heavy-hitters from the science community, it shows that it's all in the delivery.

Storytelling speechBill Nye knocks it out of the park with his story about the experiments of Faraday  (take special note of his embodiment of what he thinks Faraday's reaction should have been to the rejection of his ideas), his good-natured self-deprecating humor (he takes a swing at his high-water trousers) and his funny yet touching story of how bumblebees drove his curiosity about aerodynamics and eventual pursuit of the sciences.

Whether or not you know about Nye's content, you WANT to listen. You want to know how it ends! He allows us to enjoy his subject matter as much as he does.

Start your weekend off right by watching this brief clip, then ask yourself, "How can I convey my passion in my business content?" "Am I bringing myself to it?" "What can we laugh about?"




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