Our Popular Storytelling for Business Training

It isn’t simply a trend – it’s a movement in communication.

Storytelling allows presenters to connect with audiences on personal and intuitive levels. The most effective business stories establish a sense of collaboration between the presenter and the listeners, and motivate the audience to take desired actions. 

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Our interactive, experiential, customized training program reveals storytelling craft and presentation techniques, including how to:storytelling for business

  • Deliver meaningful business stories that inspire action.
  • Effectively create the arc of the story.
  • Select a unique, personal story that suits the occasion.
  • Recognize the link between the universal and the personal through myths and metaphor.
  • Apply acting technique to bring the audience into the world of the story.
  • Use the Rehearsal Process: the foolproof, three-step preparation method used by actors.
  • And more, customized by needs, nuances, and budget.

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Who knows more about effective storytelling than actors?
Our team of communication experts consists of working, professional actors who possess strong business acumen and a passion to bring out the best in your organization.

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