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    Our expert executive coaching and presentation skills training is for you.

    For an executive, communication comes with great responsibility. Success, however, depends more on training and rehearsal than it does on natural talent. Our Expert Executive Presentation Skills training and coaching combines the benefits of our Essential Presentation Skills with a personalized emphasis on the distinct challenges of leadership

    Our executive participants choose how best to experience the training — whether that's in-person or virtual, small group or one-on-one. And since we've got dedicated Ovation trainers right in the Boston area, the choice is easy. Coach and executive collaborate to develop a custom curriculum that best suits the participant's time and development opportunities.

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    presentation skills training This training is for executives that want to:

    • Improve speaking ability.
    • Increase influence and engagement with listeners.
    • Dig deep into individual challenges in a private, flexible setting.
    • Grow past leadership "plateaus".
    • Discern where communication skills may be falling short, and where they excel.

    In-the-moment trainer feedback means participants will be able to recognize and articulate behavioral change post-training. And we’ll be here for them every step of the way through on-going support.

    We'd be pleased to tell you more. Feel free to contact our team with questions – or request a free consultation.

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