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Happy Halloween! 2017 Business Communication Fears Collection

Posted by Bridget Beirne

October 31, 2017


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How to Bring the Element of Surprise to Your Business Storytelling

Posted by Bridget Beirne

July 28, 2017


Great storytelling is surprising. When we watch an excellent movie, see a compelling play, or read a great book, the best ones have events that we don't see coming. In fact, one of my favorite reactions to anything I watch, listen to, or read is, "WHAT?! That came out of nowhere!"

When you use a well-told story to lead an audience towards a big reveal in your presentation, you help them question their own assumptions; especially useful if you're presenting for an audience who might not be on your side. Storytelling not only gets you closer to your audience and your goals for them, but also gives you a means to build intrigue for an important revelation.

In order to bring the element of surprise to your business storytelling, there are a few steps you can follow to build something your audience will never see coming. Have you tried any of the following? If not, give these a go during your story development:

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Simple Activities to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Skills

Posted by Bridget Beirne

April 21, 2017


When I get frustrated or overwhelmed at work, I describe it as "my brain going fuzzy". It feels as if my gray matter is sending a message that it's officially checking out. I find it hard to concentrate. I can get stuck in an ever-expanding loop of negative mental talk, and an inability to walk away from the progress of thought. 

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What is Professional Presence? 3 Essential Thoughts

Posted by Bridget Beirne

March 17, 2017


For professional actors, it's common to hear the idea of "stage presence" discussed with awe: "She has such amazing stage presence!" "His presence just dominated that scene." No doubt, if you've ever discussed a performance by one of your favorite actors (stage or screen), you've commented on their presence. 

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Communication Skills Round-Up: Best of the OC Blog, 2016

Posted by Bridget Beirne

December 20, 2016

Wondering what was most popular on the blog this year? Take a look at five top performers:

Spring is in the Air! The Official Conference Speaker's Toolkit
Ovation President Kerri Garbis tells you the "must haves" for conference presentations.

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