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In Previews: Week of March 24, 2014 | New on the OC Blog

Posted by Bridget Beirne on March 24, 2014


Here's what's currently center stage in previews on the OC Blog!


tom-frey1Why You Need to Be Fearless in a Storytelling Speech

We're closing out storytelling week with some thoughts from Ovation Team Member, Tom Frey. Tom shares how he encouraged one participant to tell a story she thought wasn't worth telling, to positive results.


elizabeth-leaveyHow to "Raise the Stakes" Like an Actor for a Storytelling Speech

Ovation Team Member Elizabeth Levey chimes in today with her thoughts on how her acting experience has made her a better storyteller. Here are Elizbeth's 4 points  on how you can "raise the stakes" when storytelling.




#ForEveryStage is the begining of a new conversation.  It's a way to engage our team - or each other - to share your experiences or advice; your victories and challenges as you utilize the information and skills Ovation advocates.  We will also use it to engage with you, to keep the coversation lively and ongoing, as well as to learn more about our audience.


Business_StorytellingBusiness Storytelling: On Being SMART

Need a great example of storytelling? Ovation Team Member Megan Wells shares one of her favorite personal stories to tell her participants. Megan’s story perfectly illustrates flow and structure. What inspiration does this give you for a story of your own? 



the-art-of-storytellingThe Art of Storytelling: Who is the Seanchaí?

When I visited Ireland as an adult, I was amazed by how many of the clichés were totally, totally, true. The countryside was extraordinarily green- almost unbelievably so. The people were kind, relaxed, open to chat. And the stories were all around us.



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