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Conference Call Skills for Days! 7 Tips for Your Next Virtual Meeting

Posted by Bridget Beirne

August 25, 2015

by Bridget Beirne

bridget-beirne-1"Show me that smile aaagggain!" Now that we've gotten the "Growing Pains" theme song out of the way, I can admit: occasionally, I've not been camera-ready for a conference call from my home office. If the camera isn't on, no problem, right? I mean, I'm by myself after all, offending no one with my coffee and yoga pants. No big, correct?

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In Previews: Week of March 3, 2014 | New on the OC Blog

Posted by Bridget Beirne

March 4, 2014

Here's what's currently center stage on the OC Blog!

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Why Your Brain Hates Bad Conference Call Skills[HowStuffWork's Video]

Posted by Bridget Beirne

February 27, 2014

Is it just a clichè that poor conference call skills can drain the joy from your life? Is it simply that we're exhausted and overwhelmed, and that the state of the professional communication skills of those around us has nothing to do with anything? Is it just that we all hate those endless calls?

Or is it science?

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