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The Conference Coordinator's Checklist for Totally Prepped Speakers

Posted by Blog Tipster

October 12, 2016

In the midst of all that conference coordinators need to prepare for ahead of an event, it may seem easiest to just hope that your scheduled speakers come in prepared and ready to do their best. However, the state of your speakers reflects on more than just the speakers themselves, but on the conference as a whole. Help presenters be the best they can be with the checklist below:

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Conference Speakers Unite! How to Give it Your Olympic "All" On-Site

Posted by Kerri Garbis

August 19, 2016

kerri-garbis-1.pngI'm sure many of you have been keeping tabs on the Olympics for the past few weeks. How could you not? The daring feats of strength and athletic prowess were overwhelming this year. (Simone Biles alone — need I say more??)

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Spring is in the Air! The Official Conference Speaker's Toolkit

Posted by Kerri Garbis

March 23, 2016

kerri-garbis-1.pngSpring is in the air, which can only mean one thing – it’s conference season!

I love this time of year. It’s a time of renewal. I start to see grass, and our beloved clients come back to us for refresher classes, coaching sessions, and more tools to help bring the "wow" factor to their audiences at upcoming conferences.

We get lots of questions about preparation best practices. Of course our go-to resource for delivery preparation is the Rehearsal Process, but another important element of presentation prep is knowing the supplies you need on hand, just in case. 

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10 Conference Presentation Tips You'll Be Thankful For Later

Posted by Bridget Beirne

March 18, 2016

bridget-beirne-1.pngConferences are like the Broadway show of speaking opportunities: tons of people, expensive tickets, groupies following their favorites, tweets galore. Of course, as with any high-expectation "performance", there can be a lot of pressure to succeed.

How can you make the most of your own, personal "Hamilton"? Here are 10 conference presentation tips to take with you as you prepare for your next engagement:

1. Warm-up with your introduction and conclusion: A great way to get focused, get your articulators working, and your body engaged? Run through your introduction and your conclusion, out loud and on your feet, before you go on. First and last impressions are extremely important. While we don't recommend memorizing things (there's a big difference between familiarity and memorization, but that's a post for another day...), you want to be as comfortable as possible with these two major parts of your presentation. This way, no matter what happens in between, you can open and close strong. 

(As always, you should be using all of your strong presentation skills training and the Rehearsal Process in the days and weeks leading up to your presentation!)

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The Elegance, Engagement, and Impact of Good Corporate Storytelling

Posted by Elizabeth Levey

August 14, 2015

by Elizabeth Levey

elizabeth-levey-1Our friends at Microsoft have launched a fantastic page on their partner network, dedicated to sharing stories of how Microsoft and their partners have collaborated to impact and influence our ever changing and evolving world.  As a part of a culture addicted to stories, I confess: I’ve devoured most of them. We are huge fans of stories in business presentations, because we know they are the ultimate visual assistant.

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