Team Ovation Traditions: Fall Food Faves

Posted by Bridget Beirne
October 4, 2012

We share some more of our favorite traditions...

October! The time when leaves change, jackets start making their inevitable re-emergence from the backs of closets, and all of our collected tans have pretty much faded away. But October also brings one of the greatest things about the change of season- fall food! At Ovation, our foodie brains are running at full tilt as we dream of the delectable options that are at their best during this yearly window. Read through some of our favorites (just try to keep the mouth-watering to a minimum…):

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte: Whether or not you are a regular fan of the brews from thistraditions coffee giant, chances are that the allure of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (or a Salted Caramel Mocha- WHAT??) may draw you right in the door. Sweet and spicy, it’s the perfect combination of fall flavors. Starbucks is known for other seasonal markers (who else feels like it’s the holiday season when those red cups come out?), but we’ll take our pie-in-a-grande-cup any time.

All Hail the Return of Soup!: Remember how last month just the mere thought of soup made you want to stand firmly in front of your A/C for an hour? Not anymore. Whether brothy, stewed, or chowedered, soup’s time to shine starts in the fall. Get some homemade inspiration here, or pick up an old standby during your next grocery run.

Apple EVERYTHING: Go ahead- justify your apple indulgence by saying you’re keeping the doctor away. The fact is there is no fall without apples, and this time of year you find them in everything from pies and cobblers to salads and stuffings. Need to balance out all of the apple calorie goodness? Why not pick your own! Enjoy the scenery in the orchard and get some exercise in as you pick from the trees and lug your apple haul home. This great site will help you find an orchard near you. (And check out the Apple Map! Very cool.)

Bite-Sized Treats: Into every life, a little candy must fall. And with the bags of minis filling the shelves in advance of Halloween (yep, that’s on its way, too…), you can grab a tiny sweet treat on the go. No doubt just seeing those little candies takes you back to trick-or-treating with a pillowcase of goodies as a kid. (But admit it- you STILL remember that one house in your neighborhood that gave out the full-sized candy bars- a 10 year old’s jackpot!)

Get to the root of it!: Roasted root veggies can be a great side dish for your fall feast. Take advantage of all of the seasonal vegetables that October has to offer, and toss some squash or zucchini in there for good measure. Follow this great healthy recipe to add some roots to your meal!

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