Social Media Etiquette: Quick Tips

Posted by Bridget Beirne
February 27, 2013

etiquette thoughtsSome quick social media etiquette tips to bear in mind as you build your social media empire this week:


1. RSVP: Remember, when you sign up for any social media account, you're making an unspoken contract that you will communicate with your followers. If someone sends you a (legitimate) message or a tweet, respond! Just by being there, you've already agreed to return the communication.


2. Say "thanks!": People who've taken the time to connect with you on social media deserve a "thank you." Twitter is a super-easy platform to thank new followers and those who mention or RT your information.


3. Think before you tweet/post/message!: We are big believers in thinking first. As we say, if you are questioning the appropriateness of a comment, chances are it might not be appropriate. Build self-awareness by heeding those questions when they arise.


4. Ask before you share: This goes along with #3. Not everyone wants their picture shared online (especially when it comes to shots of personal events or people's families!). When you're snapping away, ask if anyone would object to the pictures being shared before you post them. If someone says "yes", keep those photos private.


5. It's out there!: Remember, there are no lines in cyberspace, and it is very easy for anyone (potential employers, bosses, co-workers and more) to find what you've put out into the world. Even if you maintain a separate business profile on LinkedIn, etc, keep it classy on your personal profile, as well.



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