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Posted by Bridget Beirne
May 28, 2013

Here's a look at what's currently Center Stage on the OC Blog:


professional communication skills


Graduation Communication: 5 Professional Skills to Master this Summer

"When the dust settles after graduation, when the parties are over, the presents are opened, and the textbooks are retired to the shelf, the inevitable question finally arises:

Now what?"




business social media etiquette

Business Social Media Etiquette | Twitter: A Conversation/ Invitation

"1.4 billion.

According to Daniel Post Senning of the Emily Post Institute, that is the number of Twitter searches that are happening on a daily basis." 







Relationship Building Activities

Relationship Building Activities: In a New York Minute

"I love that phrase "in a New York minute". It seems to capture the speed, intensity, and movement of Gotham- not to mention that it makes for some catchy song lyrics."









presentation skills training


Presentation Skills Training: Take Note


"A very common theatrical undertaking is the "reading"- a performance where a bunch of actors get together, often in front of industry professionals, to perform a new or little known work... There is a specific challenge inherent to a reading- everyone is holding a script. Not unlike a business presentation where the speaker is juggling notes and slides, maintaining connection with your audience can be difficult when looking for content while holding a script."






Ringing Phone

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