Team Ovation Traditions: Restaurants in Houston

Posted by Bridget Beirne
July 5, 2013

It's no secret that finding great restaurants is one of our favorite traditions!


It's not just "the stars at night" that are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas- it's the restaurant selection, as well! And it just so happens that our Team Members are big fans of what Houston has to offer. As we count down to WPC 13, here are some of our restaurant suggestions for our colleagues attending, as well as anyone visiting the Lone Star state. From Mexican to BBQ and everything in between, there's something to satisfy every palette. And hey, if you leave Texas hungry, it must be your own darn fault!


1.  Tony Mandola's: Tony may have lots of restaurants in Houston, but Team members raved about this location on Waugh Drive. A blend of NoLa and Italian tastes with a dash of Teteam ovation traditionsxas flare makes the menu a must. Looking for a relaxing bite? Grab a stool at the bar and talk to Ben, bartender extraordinaire. Full menu and great conversation available!


2. Hugo's: In the mood for real, authentic Mexican? Take a trip to Hugo's for a taste of the Yucatan and more. Chef Hugo Ortega cooks the cuisine of his home, and the clean and precise flavors are a real treat. Go for the Camarones en Pipian- you won't be sorry!


3. Goode Company Barbeque: Need somewhere for a quick lunchtime jaunt? You can't go wrong with Goode Company barbecue on Kirby. Melt-away brisket, fantastic sides, cheesy jalapeƱo bread- it's barbecue as it's meant to be done. The decor is small and down-home, (you'll defintiely feel like you've stepped back in time when you enter the "dining room"...) and definitely worth the trip. And when you're asked about barbecue sauce, trust us-  you want it!


4. Brasserie Max and Julie's: Craving something a bit more Francais? Max and Julie's provides not only lovely cuisine, but has some gorgeous upstairs, outdoor seating (great if the temperatures aren't in the 100's!). Whether you're looking for Sunday brunch or an evening meal, you'll find French classics like Oeufs en Meurette and Coq au Vin. (Check the online menu to see which dishes are being served which days.)



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