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Posted by Bridget Beirne
August 9, 2013

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presentation skills trainingPresentation Skills Training: The 6x6x4 Rule for PowerPoint

 Remember this important part of your presentation skills training for that presentation mainstay, PowerPoint!




presentation skills trainingPresentation Skills Training: Cleaning Out Your Presentation Closet  

August is a month for projects... It's also a great time to clean out a metaphorical closet- the one you fill with your presentation skills.                                                                  





Presentation Skills TrainingPresentation Skills Training: The 75% Rule

 A quick reminder for your Presentation Skills Training! 







Relationship Building ActivitiesRelationship Building Activities:
Apology Not Accepted

I will spare everyone the psychology behind this drive to apologize, (I'll save that for the, *ahem*, priveledged (!?) few with whom I discuss it...) but I will say I've been a Sorry-Sayer since I was a child.




Exceptional Presentation Skills


Ringing Phone

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