Team Ovation Traditions: September Songs

Posted by Bridget Beirne
September 3, 2013

Try to remember the kind of September... a Team Ovation tradition! 

I can still remember, very clearly, the feeling of September and "back to school" time. To me, it always seemed that the new year was brimming with possibility and excitement. After taking time (probably far too much...) picking out the perfect first-day-of-school outfit, I'd lay it out, all ready to go. I'd pack my backpack with my Trapper Keeper (!), pencil case, three-hole-page reinforcers, and set my lunchbox beside it. I was ready to go.

Even as an adult, I find part of me still adheres to that school year calendar. When the summer winds team-ovation-traditions-2down and September shows up, I feel a sense of opportunity and a chance to start something new. I'm thankful that something in my internal clock continues to respond to the approach of Fall the way it does- this extra jolt of energy and quest for newness and possibility drives me, keeping the end-of-summer lull at bay.

I often wonder how many other adults still, in part, feel something akin to the cycle of the year that starts in September and ends in June. How many of you continue to feel excitement in the air as the school year starts? Do you give yourself a bit of a "back to school" ritual when September hits? We'd love to hear your thoughts- let us know below!

In the meantime, here's a little September playlist for you to enjoy- give these a listen as you gear up for Fall:


1. Try to Remember from The Fantasticks, sung by Jerry Orbach 

Jerry Orbach was a well-known Broadway actor long before he was Detective Briscoe on Law & Order. This is a lovely rendition of one of the songs he was best known for, "Try to Remember (The Kind of September)" from The Fantasticks:



2. Welcome Back, Kotter Theme Song, sung by John Sebastian

Maybe it's because of the lovable Sweathogs, but the theme song from Welcome Back, Kotter still says "welcome back, school year"! Gabe Kaplan and the bunch (John Travolta among them) were a fun way to traipse through the year (find out where they are now):






3. Manic Monday, by The Bangles

One thing that never changes is that Monday morning feeling when the alarm rings. The Bangles had a huge hit with this song that (bonus fact!) was actually written by Prince:



4. September Song, sung by Ella Fitzgerald


Although about a different kind of September- the September of years- Ella's beautiful recording of this Kurt Weill song is too lovely to pass up:




5. The Eye of the Tiger, sung by Survivor

Because nothing will give you that extra dose of inspiration like "The Eye of the Tiger".  Especially if it is set to a Rocky montage: 




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