Relationship Building Activities: 5 Stories You Can Tell Right Now

Posted by Bridget Beirne
September 11, 2013

Storytelling is one of our favorite relationship building activities!


We are always talking about telling stories. We challenge everyone we know to become better storytellers (personally AND professionally- who doesn't love a good story?). But the jump into storytelling can be difficult. Attempting to come up with a story topic can feel like a bad case of writer's block- the first reaction is often "I don't know... I've got nothing to talk about!"


Yes, you do. Today, we offer you a hack that can help get the stories flowing. Remember, not every story is a long story- some last only a few sentences. These Pocket Stories, as we call them, are a great way to start storytelling. Next time you think you've got no story to tell, refer to this list- EVERYONE has something to say about these things:


1. Your commute into work: Rich fodder for storytelling! Whether you drive or take public transportation, chances are there's something to tell. Your harrowing trip on the 7 train, the 4 hours of traffic in which you sat, the gorgeous sunrise on the way to your office- endless possibilities! 


2. A favorite seasonal activity: Every season has something unique to offer, and sharing a story about your personal experience with a seasonal activity is not only a great way to tell a story, but also a useful conversation starter. Seasonal traditions say a lot about who we are, and tend to be things that we are passionate about. (Bonus points if you can get your listener to share a story, as well!)


Relationship building activities 63. Last night's dinner: Sure, it may sound mundane on the surface, but even the simplest of culinary adventures can make for a great story. Trust us, we've shared many a story related to food...


4. Your most recent vacation: We'll bet you'd take any opportunity to talk about your globe-trotting exploits! Travel stories are also really useful for presentations, as they often include a lesson learned, triumph accomplished, or obstacle overcome.


5. Your technology: Does your computer crash constantly, leaving you on a first name basis with tech support? Are you obsessed with a certain aspect of your smartphone? Do you wish you had no devices at all? We know you could come up with a story about that right here, right now! We've definitely got a few...



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