Professional Presentation: The "B" Key

Posted by Bridget Beirne
September 27, 2013

The "B" Key makes for a more professional presentation!


Are you tired of being upstaged by your slides? Does your audience only focus on the information on your screen? Do you want to return to being the star of your presentation?

Then it's time for The "B" Key!

Hitting the "B" key on your keyboard during your PowerPoint will black out your slides and tell your audience, "Hey, folks! It's time to focus on me again, and not that pesky screen." They will love being told where to look, you'll love conveying your message more clearly!

For a limited time, we'll throw in The "W" Key- the same results, but with a white-out effect, as well as The Blackout Button, found on remote controls everywhere! (Just kidding, they're always available...)

Isn't it time YOU used The "B" Key?



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