In Previews: Week of September 30, 2013 | New on the OC Blog

Posted by Bridget Beirne
September 30, 2013

Here's what's currently center stage on the OC Blog!


professional presentationProfessional Presentation: The "B" Key


Are you tired of being upstaged by your slides? Does your audience only focus on the information on your screen? Do you want to return to being the star of your presentation?






team ovation traditionsTeam Ovation Traditions: 6 Things We Love About "Conduct Us"!

 If you haven't already, watch "Conduct Us!" below, and try not to be inspired. (We dare you!) 





professional presentationProfessional Presentation: The Man Behind the Curtain

The men and women behind the curtain will always be more interesting, compelling and knowledgeable than the visual assistants they work with.






presentation skills trainingPresentation Skills Training: The "TTT" Rule


Using the "TTT" Rule helps to enhance your performance by keeping things clear, focused, and on track.





creative presentation ideas










Ringing Phone

Looking for help?