Professional Presentation: 4 Cool Things from Leila Takayama @PopTech

Posted by Bridget Beirne
October 16, 2013

Some great ideas for your professional presentation!


Lots of cool things come out of PopTech. (The 2013 event is just around the corner, starting October 24!) We were turned on to Leila's presentation through Reena Jana's great article about the movement towards furthering the collaboration between artists, the sciences, and the technology arena. This brief video, in which Leila outlines how Willow Garage has looked to Pixar animators to bring their robots to life, has lots of cool things to enjoy. Take a few minutes, watch Leila's video, and then check out our quick hit-list of faves afterwards:



1. The topic is close to our hearts: Finding innovation and newness by bringing artists to the corporate world? Yeah, we love that. The unique perspective that can be created by melding the artistic and technological approach can't be under-emphasized. After all, what is music but math, sculpture but design, acting but communication? (See what we did there with that last one?) And who better to make robots more human than Doug Dooley of Pixar? (The folks that brought you Wall-E!)


2. Leila's awesome slide deck: Did you see a bunch of text slides? Probably not, becauseprofessional presentation 3 they're not there. Leila talks about a highly-technical endeavor without flashing lots of schematics or tons of bullets. Yet, every slide supports her story. (Come on, the gorilla with the tarantula head? Awesome.)


3. No slide-talking!: Leila knows her slides so well that she doesn't have to look up and speak to them. She's just flipping through and allowing them to support her. We get to see her face, rather than 5 minutes of her back. (If Leila coupled that with some strong blocking, which would reduce her pacing, that would be golden!)


4. Robots and coffee: For anyone who doubts that you can use humor or storytelling in a tech presentation, please see Leila's bit on when the office robot was standing between her and her coffee. If you still need convincing, return to aforementioned gorilla with tarantula head. (We'd love to see Leila smile and enjoy her own sense of humor- she's funny!)


Many thanks to PopTech for allowing us to share Leila's video, Stages Repertory Theatre for sharing Reena Jana's article, and Leila herself for her coolness!



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