Professional Presentation: 10 Attention Grabbers That Need Some Work

Posted by Bridget Beirne
October 22, 2013

Some attention grabbers to avoid  and some to embrace! — for your next professional presentation.

Professional Presentation: 10 Attention Grabbers That Need Some Work

An attention grabber is the first part of a well-crafted introduction. You need a way to let your audience know that it is time to start, and that you are the one doing the "starting". And a good attention grabber can be anything from warmly saying "welcome" to a brief story to a bit of humor. The possibilities are endless.

Well, maybe not endless. Struggling to find a great attention grabber?

Know you are ahead of the game if you're not reaching for anything like this:

1. "License Plate number A26 BXR, your lights are on."

2. "You people again??? Are you serious with this??!"

3. "I hope everyone has brushed up on their Klingon..."

4. "Get ready for the most exhilarating 6 hours of your life!"

5. "I haven't really prepared anything, so I'm just going to flow it to you today."

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6. Throwing something- anything- at your audience.

7. Anything related to this:

8. "You get a new car! And you get a new car! And you get a new car!"

9. "This has been the worst day of MY LIFE! Let me tell you all about it."

10. Showing up 15 minutes late. Trying to make any kind of "fashionably late" reference.

Why not try:

1. A strong neutral position, breathe, smile, gesture openly and say "Welcome!".

2. A song lyric you love that relates to your presentation. Nothing starts the day off right like, "As the great Led Zepplin once said...".

3. A pocket story about your preparation for the day (Remember, pocket stories are BRIEF! Maybe a few sentences.)

4. A funny observation about your day, your presentation subject, anything! Remember, humor doesn't have to be about punchlines and rimshots. But if you do choose to tell a proper "joke," make sure you've rehearsed it. 

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