Professional Presentation | A Bow Tie Story from StoryCorps

Posted by Bridget Beirne
November 13, 2013

Use a Bow Tie story in your professional presentation!

We love to share some of the wonderful animated shorts brought to us by the Rauch Brothers and StoryCorps. Today's story is a fantastic example of what we call a "Bow Tie story".

professional presentationA Bow Tie story ties back to your content, or the key point you're trying to convey at any given time. In "Sundays at Rocco's", Nicholas Petron shares the story of his Grandfather Rocco, the building he owned, and the extended family that lived there.

While Nicholas makes a lot of great choices in his telling (down to imitating his Grandfather's accent!), listen especially to the end of the story, how he shares the meaning, and how easily this particular story could be tied into a presentation.

Most stories can be boiled down to a particular meaning or metaphor. If you clearly distill that idea, as Nicholas does, you can begin "tying back" to presentations (or even illuminating key points within a presentation) that have a similar message.

Watch "Sundays at Rocco's" below, and then feel free to share ideas about how you might use such a story in your professional presentations!




As always, our thanks to StoryCorps, the Rauch Brothers, and of course Nicholas Petron for making this great story available.



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