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Posted by Bridget Beirne
November 18, 2013

Here's what's currently center stage on the OC Blog!


professional presentationProfessional Presentation| Creating Introductions: Housekeeping

A great way to establish yourself as the leader of the proceedings is to include a "housekeeping" section in your presentation introduction. 




presentation skills trainingPresentation Skills Training: Crafting Introductions: "You/Credibility" 

It can be uncomfortable talking about yourself, right? While everyone has a friend who's favorite word is undoubtedly "I", for many of us that uncomfortable twinge in our stomachs presents itself when we need to tell a group, particularly a group of strangers, who we "are".






describe the imageProfessional Presentation| A Bow Tie Story from StoryCorps  

A Bow Tie story ties back to your content, or the key point you're trying to convey at any given time. In "Sundays at Rocco's", Nicholas Petron shares the story of his Grandfather Rocco, the building he owned, and the extended family that lived there.







Self-Awareness ActivitiesSelf-Awareness Activities | Lipstick and What You're Lacking   


I've got a tube of red lipstick by MAC- the color is called Russian Red- that has changed my professional life. (No, really!) ... I realized something while thinking about that call for red lipstick. For me, it was about more than a sassy lip color- it symbolized something bigger.





 Exceptional Presentation Skills




Ringing Phone

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