Professional Communication Skills: The 3 V's

Posted by Bridget Beirne
November 22, 2013

Professional communication skills start with the 3 V's!


When Albert Mehrabian did his landmark study in the 60s, he discovered a very interesting thing- when we interpret the communication of others, 55% of our impression is based on how they LOOK (the Visual aspect), 38% is based on how they sound (the Vocal aspect), and only 7% was based on their actual CONTENT (the Verbal aspect). That means that 93% of the impact we make on our audience is based on non-verbal factors! 

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We talk about making that 93% the most effective possible- making the visual and vocal portions of our communication support our message. Today's infographic is a reminder for you that communication is made up of more than just words- keep those percentages in mind during your presentation rehearsals, as well as your everyday interactions!



professional communication skills 3Vs




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