Professional Presentation: Heightened Language and Objectives

Posted by Bridget Beirne
November 26, 2013

Two quick lessons from the "Playing Shakespeare" series for your professional presentation! 

In this brief video from the Playing Shakespeare series, John Barton of the RSC discusses twoProfessional Presentation important points with (a very young!) Sir Ian McKellen and David Suchet- Heightened Language and Objective (or as they call it, Intention). Actors have long been enthralled with this series of videos, which breaks down not only Shakespearean text, but acting technique as well.

Any time you're giving a heavily technical presentation, think of it as using heightened language- the terminology neccessary to your message must be delivered in a way that your audience understands, and with an urgency that lets them know these particular words are important. See how the Merchant of Venice text falls flat when David Suchet tries to underplay the language- to deliver it in a completely naturalistic fashion. It doesn't work and his meaning is lost because he didn't give the language its due.

The other important discovery is noticing how the Objective (or as they say, Intention) influences his delivery. David Suchet says his character's goal is to cheer Sir Ian's character up. Once he has decided that, you can hear it in his voice and delivery and see it in his face. Deciding how you want your audience to feel will have the same effect on your presentation.



How do you deal with highly technical language? Do you decide how you want your audience to feel before you present? Sound off below!


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