Professional Skills Training:6 Sad Facts About Meetings [Infographic]

Posted by Bridget Beirne
December 6, 2013

Professional skills training and professional communication skills can make these 6 Sad Facts a thing of the past!

Think about how many times you've said the phrase, "I'm on my way to a meeting" this week. Go ahead. We'll wait. 

That many, huh?

Today's infographic outlines 6 sad statistical facts you should know about when it comes to everyone's favorite gathering of people. (And we don't mean the office holiday party!) Now imagine if you could make those stats disappear- if your meetings were so efficient, so engaging, so well-facilitated, that no one felt their time was being wasted. It's possible. It takes effort, but those communication skills and relationship building activities that we talk about so frequently can mean the difference between sad meetings and successful ones.

Discover the 6 Common Mistakes of Difficult Business Conversations

For now, take these stats to heart, and ask yourself: how do your meetings run? Does your company culture actively try to avoid meeting pitfalls? What could be run BETTER? Then let us know below. We want to hear from you!

Meetings Infographic


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