Professional Presentation: 7 Spotlight Phrases for Detailed Content

Posted by Bridget Beirne
January 23, 2014

Spotlight phrases help your audience through your professional presentation!

So, you've got a major presentation coming up, introducing a new pharmaceutical to a very interested crowd. You need to let them know all of the important points about this new product – Statistics! Financials! Terminology! - and do it quickly. You need to not only engage your audience, but have them retain the important information. What to do? 

We know that post-presentation retention can be low (in a strictly verbal presentation, only 10% of your audience will retain information after three days), and that audiences have difficulty recalling more than 5 main points. Ensuring that your audience remembers the points you need them to can be a challenge.

But never fear! You can start by adding some spotlight phrases to your presentation. Spotlight phrases figuratively turn the light on the information you want your audience to focus on. And when there is a lot of intricate content being thrown at an audience, these simple words can help the crowd latch on to what's important.  

Professional-presentation-11. "The best": Nothing shines brighter than saying something is "the best". If you have a solution to a problem, or a product, or an idea that you truly want your audience to latch on to, saying it is "the best" is a great way to highlight that. 

2. "My favorite": If you are in a situation where your personal opinion can have a bearing on your content, let your audience know if something is your "favorite". Bear in mind that "my favorite" isn't appropriate for every presentation, but your audience will remember your personal connection to a specific piece of content.

3. "Not to be forgotten": When there are lots of small details being shared, you might start to worry that a necessary piece of information will get lost in the shuffle. Spotlighting a piece of content as "not to be forgotten" tells your audience that, even though it may be a small detail and not a main point, it's important for them to remember. Speaking of something being important-

4. "Most important": The other side of "not to be forgotten". Perhaps you've got a major key point that needs to stand out. While undoubtedly all of your content is important (you wouldn't be presenting it if it wasn't, would you?), if there is one point that you need your audience to remember, let them know that it's the "most important"

5. "First and foremost": Hit them with something good from the top! While "first and foremost" may sound a bit cliché, using this spotlight phrase says "before we go any further, you need to pay attention to this point".

6. "Most promising": Like giving a piece of content the "most likely to succeed" award. If you're excited for the future of a product, concept, or procedure, and you would like your audience to be as well, spotlight this content by saying it's the "most promising".

And one phrase to turn out the lights on an idea:

7. "Least successful/promising/likely/important": Just as those strong spotlight phrases can help persuade your audience to a certain point of view, or help them remember important bits of content, saying something is the "least" turns out the light on that piece of information. Your audience will put it in a different category than the rest of your content.

When there is a lot of information to receive, you need to give your audience a helping hand through it. Spotlight phrases are a great way to start guiding your audience through the ins and outs of detailed content. Couple these phrases with some great storytelling, effective visuals, and strong physical and vocal performance, and you're presentation will be unforgettable. How do you spotlight certain details in your content? Let us know in the comments below!



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