In Previews: Week of January 27, 2014: New on the OC Blog

Posted by Bridget Beirne
January 27, 2014

Here's what's currently center stage on the OC Blog!


Finding best presentation stance4 Steps to Finding Your Best Presentation Stance (and Loving It!) [SlideShare]

Clear yourself some space and get ready to move (Just a little! Don't be frightened!), because this completely actionable (!) presentation will walk you through the easy steps to finding where your body is the most strong and centered.



Professional PresentationProfessional Presentation: 7 Spotlight Phrases for Detailed Content

Spotlight phrases figuratively turn the light on the information you want your audience to focus on. And when there is a lot of intricate content being thrown at an audience, these simple words can help the crowd latch on to what's important.  






professional communication skillsProfessional Communication Skills: Accents from BrainStuff! [Video]

In this week's Wednesday Video, the nice folks at BrainStuff let us know a bit about how accents actually develop.






Public Speaking AnxietyHow to Rehearse in "The Space" to Ease Public Speaking Anxiety

Being able to access your space ahead of time goes a long way towards easing your public speaking anxiety and stage fright. It helps you continue to remove the variables in advance- you are lessening the surprises that can happen come show time.




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