7 Signs You Might Want to Examine Your Relationship Building Skills

Posted by Bridget Beirne
February 6, 2014

Relationship building activities 10Relationship building skills- they're a big deal. Even if your numbers are the best around, you're the go-to person to get things done, or you're better at your job than the person who invented it, without being able to build relationships with clients, co-workers, bosses or employees you'll undoubtedly come up short.

But how do you know? How do you know your business etiquette and relationship building skills need some work? Here are some signs that you might want to take a look at what you're doing: 


1. Your offers to take a client for a business dinner are met with "Ummm, no- uh, no thanks. I mean, I'm good. Not really hungry. Ever."



2. Your colleagues have turned what used to be your desk cluster into your own, private deserted island. No really,  you can have the space.


3. Your sales prospects have said, "You're yelling at me?! Why are  you yelling at me?!" more than once.


4. You've been uninvited from the breakroom. And the cafeteria. And the company gym.


5. You've been rejected as a mentor. AND a mentee.



6. You can't tell that your co-workers feel awkward when you're interacting in a group setting. Really, really awkward.


 7. Your co-workers will do anything to avoid talking to you. ANYTHING.




Exceptional Presentation Skills



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