Professional Skills: 5 Traits of Awesomely Active Listeners

Posted by Bridget Beirne
February 7, 2014
How would you rate the "listening" portion of your professional skills? Poor? OK? Awesome?
If you didn't say "awesome", we can help. It's not enough to passively listen in a conversation- you need to
listen actively!

When you become a better active listener, you improve your relationship building activities and professional communication skills overall. In today's SlideShare, we take you through 5 traits exhibited by first rate listeners that you can make your own. professional-skills-active-listening


At the end of the slides, you'll be able to:

1. Focus more clearly on a speaker.

2. Demonstrate to a conversation partner that you are engaged with their thoughts.

3. Communicate your own thoughts in a conversation by building on the speakers message.


Try it out, and then let us know your thoughts! We're listening. 

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