How to Use Your Ovation Professional Skills Awards Ballot(Oscar® ed.)

Posted by Bridget Beirne
February 28, 2014

Planning on watching the Academy Awards? Improve your professional communication skills while you do!

Last week, we announced our upcoming Ovation Professional Skills Awards- the Oscar edition! We believe that there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained by observing public speakers as much as possible, and awards shows are the perfect opportunity to do so. Today, we give you our Ovation Professional Skills Awards Ballot, so you can be the professional skills expert during the telecast on March 2nd. Here's how:


1. Have your ballot ready!: Print it out so you can make notes, or simply have it open on your computer while you watch. These are the criteria we'll be judging during the awards. Remember, you can learn from good and bad, but we're handing out kudos for superior performance.


2. Look for the "whys": As a good director knows, it's not enough to say something does or doesn't work. You need to be specific about the "whys". Truly analyze while you watch by asking yourself "why" a speech is good, a "save" is successful, or a story soars. There are no wrong opinions, as long as you can back it up!


3. Share your thoughts: We'll be sharing our Oscar® analysis on the OC Blog Monday, March 3rd. We'd love to see how you voted, as well! Shout it out to us on Facebook or Twitter @OvationComm. Let's start an award-worthy discussion everyone can learn from.

We'd like to thank the Academy, and YOU. Break a leg!

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