A Declaration of Independence for Your Professional Presentation

Posted by Bridget Beirne
July 3, 2014

We, the people of Ovation, would like to encourage and empower you to stand out. Sure, not all presentations are created equal. But on this Independence Day, we support your right to bear interesting information to and create engagement with those huddled masses of audience members yearning not to be bored to tears.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that you have the right to be YOU when presenting- that the individual themselves will always be more interesting than a manufactured persona. When, in the course of a professional presentation, your find yourself tempted to hide behind something fake, contrived, or stodgy, may those be the moments that you turn inwards, towards personal stories and the experience of your own life, to deepen and broaden the impact of your important message.

a-professional-presentation-declaration-of-independenceAnd lo, when others may discourage you from humor, or rehearsal, or urge you to retreat solely behind a deck of slides laden with more bullets than shoot over the bow of a warship, may you stand strong in the knowledge that you are forging your own path toward success, unhindered by the shackles of the mundane, onward to the joy of the waiting crowd.

May you stand firm in your neutral position, embrace the open gestures of your nature, be emboldened in your impromptu speech and Q&A, and look your listeners firmly in the eye, all the while knowing that your content is imbued with an inalienable right to strong delivery and more meaningful impact, thanks to the depth of your work.

For in order to form a more perfect union of content and crowd, of message and meaning, of intent and impact on the intended, one need only prepare, prevent prevarication through confidence, and promote not only the general welfare, but the positivity in one's own personal stamp.

We embrace the power of the presenter. And to those who are about to present, we salute you.

Happy 4th from Team Ovation!

PS: We are well aware that we've eluded to multiple documents and an ACDC song.


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