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Kerri Garbis on "For the Love of Your Biz" Podcast!

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September 28, 2018
Listen to OC President Kerri Garbis sit down for a "Casual Chat" with Deb Laflamme of For the Love of your Biz. You can listen here.  Here's how Deb describes their talk on her website: (Be sure to check out some of the other resources she's got available, as well!)

Pick the Right Story: Storytelling for Business

Posted by Blog Tipster
March 29, 2018
A great story is only half the battle. This is because a great story might not be the right story for every situation, presentation, or meeting.  Here are some quick tips to help you pick the right story: 1. The "that reminds me..." test: Good, universal stories have themes that everyone can...

Best of the OC Blog: Presentation Skills Collection

Posted by Blog Tipster
December 21, 2017

Best of the OC Blog: Emotional Intelligence Collection

Posted by Blog Tipster
November 30, 2017
  Want to improve your overall Emotional Intelligence, but don't know quite where or how to begin? This collection of some of our favorite EI articles from the OC Blog is a great place to get started.   Simple Activities to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence "As I've learned more about EI, I've...

A Communication Skills Round-Up of Newness on the OC Blog

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October 20, 2017
Happy Fall! Have you been busy of late, running from task to task? Team Ovation can absolutely relate. Maybe you haven't had time to check in with the OC Blog. Maybe one of our recent posts came into your inbox (It's easy to make that happen for you on the right side of this page!), and you...
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