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Presentation Skills Training 101: How to Make the Most of Gestures

Posted by Nick Verina
March 4, 2016
When we’re at a party, talking to friends, or sitting down with family, do we think about our gestures? Probably not. They just happen. So why does it become such a big issue for us when we stand up in front of others for a presentation?

4 Ways to Create the Wow Factor in Your Corporate Presentation

Posted by Nick Verina
December 29, 2015

Meditate Shmeditate! Meditation and Professionalism in the Workplace

Posted by Nick Verina
February 20, 2015
by Nick Verina Right now, some of you may be thinking meditation shmeditation! What a load of bull!  That’s exactly what I thought, until I found out what it really was…and it started working.

Steal This Tip! #3: To Use or Not to Use Punctuation in Presentations

Posted by Nick Verina
February 12, 2015
by Nick Verina As an actor, you hear of many techniques performers use to bring their own personal stamp to their performance.  Some people look towards punctuation in the writing.  Let me explain…
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