5 Resources to Fight the Fright of Business Communication Challenges

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October 31, 2016

OCLogoSignature.pngToday may be all about ghouls, goblins, and other frights, but let's turn our thoughts to the less creepy — but just as daunting!  business communication challenges we face. A big upcoming presentation, a meeting facilitation, or a difficult discussion with a team member are all scenarios that can be potentially frightening or anxiety ridden. In honor of the holiday of fear, here are 5 Ovation resources you can use to help you work on any of those scary things to you may have to embark on this week.

Happy Halloween from Team Ovation!

1. 4 Secrets to Overcoming Stage Fright that May Be Easier than You Think
"It's been a while since we've discussed that big elephant in the room of nearly every presentation: stage fright, or public speaking anxiety. If you're one of the MANY who struggle with this fear, you're probably always on the lookout for something that will help."

2. 6 Common Mistakes of Business Conversationsfear-of-public-speaking.jpg
"No one wants to have a 'hard talk'. However, if you avoid thinking about (or preparing for) a difficult conversation, you run the risk of entering purely on emotion, without a constructive plan."

3. How to Overcome Stage Fight Symptoms with These Salves
"Even the most seasoned professional actors, experienced public servants, and long-standing career speakers have experienced stage fright. That crippling, sinking feeling has been the thing to hold back many a reluctant speaker, and a business professional can suffer if they’re unable to deliver their message to others."

4. 3 Major Ways to Survive the Gauntlet of Impromptu Speech
"The Q&A portion of any presentation has the potential to be extremely exciting and informative. However, it can also descend into chaos and undermine an otherwise great delivery."

5. What Do TED, Musicals, and Stage Fright Have In Common? 10 Tips and a TED Video!
"Genetic Scientist Daffodil Hudson studies the factors that influence shyness, stage fright, and performance anxiety; she suffers from them herself. If that wasn't cool enough, she and the folks at TED wrote a mini-musical about overcoming the presentation anxiety involved in giving a TED Talk." 

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