Communication Skills Round-Up: Best of the OC Blog, 2016

Posted by Bridget Beirne
December 20, 2016


Wondering what was most popular on the blog this year? Take a look at five top performers:

Spring is in the Air! The Official Conference Speaker's Toolkit
Ovation President Kerri Garbis tells you the "must haves" for conference presentations.

Top Tip: "Yes, you’re rehearsed and the confidence monitor is going to display your notes, so you’re good to go. But then… there's a room change, or your equipment fails, or you’re just plain nervous, and you lose your place. All good reasons to have a hard copy of your notes — just in case."


Creative Presentation Ideas: Attention Grabbers, Hold the Cheese
Team Member Bridget Beirne with ideas to kick-off presentations with a low "cheese factor".

Top Tip: "What do you get from crafting a good Attention Grabber, rather than just opening with 'Umm, ok, let's start...'?...Confident, prepared openings are far more effective than simply "sneaking" into your content. You establish yourself as a leader from the first moment."


3 Relationship Building Skills Blunders You're Probably Making Daily
Are you fumbling when it comes to some business relationship building skills? Kerri gives you a heads up.

Top Tip: "I’ve got a good memory. If I’ve met you once, it’s pretty likely I’ll remember your name. However, I'm in a very small minority. So when I see people I don’t have a daily interaction with, I always remind them of my name. Too often people don’t reciprocate. Failure to remind acquaintances of your name is a BIG relationship building blunder."


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Presentation Skills Training: Habit or Choice? Physicality and Message
Team Member Jason Bayle asks whether you're owning your non-verbal communication — or it's owning you!

Top Tip: "A lean, or cross of the arms speaks volumes about how we feel, about our message, about where we are, and even the audience. The great thing about confronting your physical habits is that it allows you take control of your entire message, not just what you say, but how you say it. " 


10 Conference Presentation Tips You'll Be Thankful for Later
Bridget shares 10 ways to make the most of your own personal "Hamilton" — your conference presentation.

Top tip: "Some people think they can let their microphone do all the work, but here's a secret: microphones only amplify. With or without a mic, your voice needs to be present. If you're wired in a space, remember that it's only there to help."


We're looking forward to bringing you more essential communication skills tips, thoughts, and resources in the New Year. Happy Holidays from Team Ovation!

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