Has This Professional Email Fiasco Happened to You? (How to Avoid It!)

Posted by Dawn Stanyon
June 13, 2014

by Dawn Stanyon

dawn-stanyon-1My humbling professional email story takes place sometime in 1997. I worked at a large health care non-profit in fundraising and public relations. Communicating with donors and vendors via email was unheard of until eventually, of course, it wasn’t.


One of my supervisors had asked me to type an email for her and send it out (does this sort of thing happen anymore?).


Now, I was a very good typist – 120 words/minute and very accurate. I’ve always loved typing. I find it very Zen. I whipped up the email with flying fingers and perceived laser accuracy. Title, Director’s name, Send!


Later that day, the Director of Public Relations appeared in my doorway. Kay and I had a relationship basedprofessional-email on great mutual respect and a shared sense of humor. But Kay was not looking very pleased. And she wasn’t about to crack a joke.


She’d heard from a donor. It seems she’d been taken to task and had been told that a professional of her stature should be a better proofreader and should definitely know how to spell her own title.


In my flurry of speed and haze of checking another task off my list, I had misspelled her title. It seems I was working for the Director of Pubic Relations. We laughed the next day.


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