How to Supplement Your Presentation Skills with the "Moment Before"

Posted by Jason Bayle
January 15, 2015

by Jason Bayle

jason-bayle-1Team Member Jason Bayle on how you can make use of an important acting "moment" in your next presentation.

I recently found this video of Jack Nicholson moments before he filmed the famous "Here's Johnny!" scene from The Shining. While it's unlikely you will have to take an axe to your bedroom door anytime soon, there is still a great lesson in this video you can apply to your next presentation. Take a look:




Notice how the camera and set people are going about their business as Jack jumps around and makes faces and pretends to smash the bed with the axe. He's preparing himself for the huge moment to come on camera (his presentation), and that's where this applies to your presentation skills.

Jack knows that this scene will not be successful if he approaches it cold. He has to get himself ready and to do that he jumps around and swings the axe. In acting circles this is called the "moment before." As presenters it's vital that we take that time before our presentations for ourselves to make sure we are ready.

Explore that moment for yourself. Everyone's is different. Perhaps you like to take a walk. Perhaps a light workout or some yoga, or (hint hint) stall warm-ups. These are all great ways to make sure you are ready to make the maximum impact possible on your audience. Your moment before is something that will never be seen by your audience, but like Jack's its effects could be felt for years to come. 

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