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Posted by Bridget Beirne
April 7, 2014

Here's what's currently center stage In Previews on the OC Blog!


Hodor-one-word-professional-communication_skillsHow to Play the Game of Tones: Oral Presentation Skills from Westeros

It's time. This Sunday, Game of Thrones comes roaring back to our TV screens (well, "roaring" if you're into Lannisters...), and we get to pick up with the goings-on of the Seven Kingdoms. While not everyone can sit on the Iron Throne (Would you really WANT to? It looks so painful....) we all can take some oral presentation skills tips from the inhabitants of Westeros. (And beyond of course!)



Pre-presentation-preparationWhat Do TED, Musicals, and Stage Fright Have in Common? 10 Tips/TED Video

Genetic Scientist Daffodil Hudson studies the genetic factors that influence shyness, stage fright, and performance anxiety- she suffers from them herself. If that wasn't cool enough, she and the folks at TED wrote a mini-musical about overcoming the presentation anxiety involved in giving a TED Talk



engaging-with-emotional-intelligenceFlexible Exec: Engage Your Diverse Team with Emotional Intelligence

We're pleased to bring you this Blog Exchange, with Emotional Intelligence and Diversity thoughts from today's Guest Blogger (and Friend of Ovation) John Buxi. As a Strategic Communication and Diversity Leader, John brings his knowledge (and great sense of humor) to today's leaders as well as tomorrow's emerging professionals. You can check out his blog, or follow him on the Twitter, @JustaSymbol. Thanks, John- looking forward to more!

how-to-improve-your-professional-communication-skillsHow Your Commute Can Improve Your Professional Communication Skills


It's possible to (Safely! Safety first!) make use of that precious commute time. Considering128.3 Million Americans are logging commute time, with the average time being 25.4 minutes, that's almost an entire hour of "found" time that you can put to good use. 




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