The 1 Reason Your B2B Biz Should Invest in Business Etiquette Training

Posted by Dawn Stanyon
August 21, 2015

by Dawn Stanyon

dawn-stanyon-1Let’s cut to the chase: we’re all busy. The one reason your B2B business should invest in business etiquette training is because professionals with etiquette skills build and maintain professional relationships. Relationships thrive when people understand and use positive communication protocols. (Call them “manners,” if you will. It’s not a dirty word!)

Outstanding business etiquette drives sales and greases day-to-day interactions. It makes prospects, clients, and vendors want to work with your professionals and be associated with your company. Makes sense, right?

Here are 3 more reasons why your organization should invest in business etiquette training:

  1. Your sales people are relationship builders, not just closing machines. Sales professionals should make people feel understood, listened to, and appreciated. Most of us come to the companies we work for with some of these communication skills. However, some of us come to the table with major knowledge gaps. Etiquette training puts everyone on the sales team on equal footing and provides the techniques sales professionals need that aren’t provided in traditional sales training.

  2. People want to engage with people whom they trust. Have you ever walked into a networking business-etiquette-trainingevent and up to an individual, put your hand out, and they didn’t reciprocate? Even as you launch into conversation, you’re wondering, “Why didn’t we shake hands? Is it me?” You immediately have a negative perception of that person even if they have a personal reason for not shaking. Are you more likely to follow up with the other person at the event who was engaging, open, and who shook your hand? Why, yes. Yes, you are. You are more likely to trust the person who followed the protocol.

  3. Manners give you entry into “the club.” I had breakfast at a diner a few days ago. There was a professional sitting in the booth across from me. He shoved AN ENTIRE PANCAKE IN HIS MOUTH (sorry, I’m shouting). With pancake syrup dripping off. Now, I know and you know, his momma probably didn’t teach him everyday table manners. Or maybe she did and he didn’t listen. Or he was in a rush. The reason doesn’t matter. I can never forget how he held the fork like a caveman and shoved too much food into is gaping maw. If I meet him at a business event, how likely is it that I’ll remember his lack of table manners? Count on it. Manners give you entry into “the club.” What’s the club? Call it Professionalism.

Business etiquette and its related manners aren’t fancy. They are communication tools that help people to trust you, want to work with you, and be associated with your B2B.

What do you think? Do you see a need for etiquette training in business? Or do you think things are fine the way they are? Let us know in the comments below!

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